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Does this sound familiar?

Through building products over the last decade and speaking to countless software teams, we've seen the same frustrations appearing.

  • Ideas for new features or improvements from team members are scattered across different platforms or mediums, or get lost or forgotten.
  • Your backlog is growing faster than work can be completed, and it contains a mixture of "planned out, thought-through" type work as well as "maybe one day" type work.
  • A lot of good ideas don't make it to the "planned out and ready for work" stage.
  • You'd like to foster more of an innovation culture in your team.

We found ourselves having these exact issues, and when we learned that others had the same frustrations, we built Pavrel as the solution we wish we had years ago.

We're proud of it, and we hope you like it.

Free your backlog from "maybe one day" tasks
Keep your backlog from feeling overwhelming, and save it for only committed and planned-out work.
Capture now, shape later
Capture ideas as they arise, without worrying if they are fully formed yet or thought-through.
Ideate and perfect solutions in context
Pavrel's teams functionality allows you to share and collaborate on ideas with the right people.

Built for modern software teams

Blazing fast with real-time sync Collaborate on ideas in real-time with your team, and see updates reflected immediately.
Works offline Capture ideas wherever you are, across all your devices, then sync up with your team when your connection returns.
Designed with precisionYour team will enjoy Pavrel's crisp and elegant interface.

Loved by hundreds of teams

Our customers love the way Pavrel is accelerating their work. Feel free to join our Slack community to see how teams are using Pavrel.

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